A Good Day

Today was probably the best day I’ve had in close to a year and a half. I quit my job this morning and had the first Saturday off since February of 2016. Since then, I’ve worked every Saturday and Sunday with the exception of one week I went to Mexico.  I didn’t quit on a whim mind you, I have another job starting Monday, but today I officially resigned.

I’d forgotten how much I absolutely love Saturdays. There’s a whole different feel in the air. It’s as though there’s a collective energy among everyone enjoying a day off after a long week of work.  You just don’t get that feeling when you’re off on Thursdays.  I’d become antisocial, withdrawn and really had become depressed.  I didn’t realize how bad until today.

This morning I got up early, grabbed my camera and decided to go downtown and just spend the morning shooting “whatever”.  I walked through the city, camera in hand and absorbed the energy. I stopped and had brunch and a Bloody Mary.  Heading home, I realized what a great time I had.

Yes, today was a good day. Once again, I feel alive.



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