Quick Tip: It’s all in the bag.

In today’s Quick Tip I’d like to talk about something you might not even have considered- your camera bag and camera strap. You probably have a nice fancy bag and strap embroidered with the Nikon or Canon logo, and you probably paid good money for them too. You want the world to see that you are proud of the label on your camera. NO YOU DON’T. STOP IT.  Besides the fact that you, as a photographer, want to blend in with everybody, you are putting a target on your back for potential thieves. Nothing is going to lure them in quicker than a brand new shiny bag with the possibility of  it containing thousands of dollars of cameras and lenses. If it can happen to professionals, it can happen to you.



There are plenty of options to minimize the risk of theft. Find a beat up old camera bag at a garages sale or swap meet. I found a camouflage messenger bag on Amazon for less than $20 U.S.. Get a plain unassuming camera strap. At the very least, put black tape over the logos on your bag and strap if you absolutely have to have the one you’re using. The point is, stand out less. Don’t put a target on your back. Most importantly- Keep aware of your surroundings.


Be safe out there.





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